HIPAA Compliance statement

Updated July 06, 2021


Pyboxtech-Med meets the Technical Safeguards requirements, supporting compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. Pybox technologies S.A. de C.V. is committed to ensure its software keeps PHI (Protected Health Information) private and secure. We have implemented features, policies and procedures designed to ensure compliance with Federal and State information security laws, regulations, and rules, and monitor ongoing compliance efforts.

Pyboxtech-Med supports:

  • Advanced Access Control capabilities.
  • Automatic expiration of passwords (in progress to be published)
  • Account lockout upon multiple failed log-in attempts (in progress to be published)
  • Secure data backups
  • Audit-ready logging of all user actions
  • Full end-to-end encryption

The self-hosted nature of Pyboxtech-Med ensures Pyboxtech-Med usage does not change existing compliance of infraestructure, provided features and capabilities are employed as required by HIPAA and other legislation. Pyboxtech-Med can advise in implementing a HIPAA compliance setup.

Pyboxtech-Med software were designed not to require that our employees gain access to any customer data. In case this is required for specific support cases, confidentiality agreements are signed with all employees and extensive security processes are in place to log, investigate and report any breaches.

We understand that keeping your client’s information safe is the utmost importance and Pybox Technologies S.A. de C.V will continue to provide its software and services in accordance with the relevant requirements of all state and federal laws and regulations, including, as applicable, HIPAA.

For additional information regarding Pyboxtech’s privacy practices as they relate to this website, please see our Privacy Statement.


Questions regarding Pyboxtech’s HIPAA policies or compliance may be directed to:

Pybox technologies S.A. de C.V.

Attention: HIPAA Privacy Officer.

Street 12 Este, no. 2, Civac, Jiutepec, Morelos. ZIP: 62500